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Mini Spider Cranes

As the official European master distributor of UNIC Cranes, we offer first-class advice on all our product range and unbeatable after-care service.

Glass Vacuum Lifters

Building on our 16 year heritage as GGR Glass, we offer over 40
different types of vacuum lifters and unbeatable lifting expertise.

Mini Crawler Cranes

Our range of mini telescopic crawler cranes combine their compact size and heavy duty lifting power for working on rugged terrain or congested sites.

Pick & Carry Cranes

Battery powered, quiet and incredible versatile, these cranes are highly suitable for working in sensitive fume-free environments.

Glazing Robots

Our award-winning range of glazing robots and overhang beams offer a
unique solution to the most difficult glazing and curtain walling projects.

Cladding Lifters

Complete with multiple tilt and rotation, the our range of cladding lifters give you control for precise installation of ceiling, roofing and wall cladding.

Lifting Solutions

We provide the UK’s widest range of lifting solutions, combined with
an award-winning development team to create bespoke solutions for you.

Stone Lifters

Our range of stone magnets, clamps and lifters are designed to handle all types, sizes and finishes of stone, kerb stones, rough-cut boulders and blocks.

Trolleys & A-Frames

Transport glass, sheet metal, stone and other materials safely around
a site or workshop with our specialist range of trolleys, carts and A-Frames.

Trailer Cranes

More economical than mobile or truck mounted cranes, our trailer cranes are easy to transport, with a generous lifting range from 19 to 30 metres.


GGR Group has collaborated with Fratelli Pezza, the Italian glass processing
specialist, to offer the finest sandblasting cabinets in the industry.

Access Platforms

Our wide range of access platforms includes low-emission electric
& diesel lifting platforms, self-propelled boom lifts & scissor lifts.

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