GGR Group is Europe's leading supplier of vacuum handling equipment, compact pick and carry cranes, UNIC mini spider cranes and restricted access lifting machine for sale and hire. Originally starting out as a local company in 1995, we now have the largest fleet of lifting equipment for hire and for sale, as well as the largest capacity kit on the market. Our network of dealers and suppliers across Europe means, that by working alongside them, we are constantly bringing new products to market.

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F6.26 Electric Telehandler

Capacity: 2600kg
Max. Lifting Height: 5.9m
Working Radius: 3.1m
Reference: F626-3

UNIC Eco-095 mini spider crane


095 0.995t x 3.5m
295 2.9t x 1.4m
Max Lifting Height: 8.9m
Total Width: 0.75m
Weight: 2425kg

UNIC Tracked Eco Crane

UNIC Tracked Eco

095 0.995t x 3.5m
295 2.9t x 1.4m
Max Lifting Height: 8.9m
Total Width: 0.75m
Weight: 2350kg

G20 Pick & Carry Crane


Capacity: 2.0t x 0.5m
Boom Length: 2.15 - 5.15m
Working Radius: 3.5m
Reference: MCG20


Capacity: 2.0t x 0.45m
Lifting Height: 5.3m
Working Radius: 3.45m
Reference: MCGK20

Galizia Multis 215

Multis 215

Capacity: 2.5t
Lifting Height: 6.54m
Reference: MCG215

GF30 - Pick and Carry Crane


Capacity: 3.0t x 0.5m
Boom Length: 2.23 - 6.53m
Working Radius: 4.8m
Reference: MCFG30


Capacity: 3.5t x 0.4m
Boom Length: 2.5 - 5.5m
Working Radius: 3.4m
Reference: MCG35

G50 Pick & Carry Crane


Capacity: 5.0t x 0.6m
Boom Length: 2.95 - 5.05m
Working Radius: 2.7m
Reference: MCG50

Galizia Multis 636

Multis 636

Capacity: 6.0t
Lifting Height: 6m
Fork and operator platform attachments
Reference: MCG636

G70 pick & carry crane


Capacity: 7.0t x 0.8m
Boom Length: 3.38 - 6.38m
Working Radius: 3.8m
Reference: MCG70

Galizia G90 Pick & Carry Crane


Capacity: 9.0t x 0.8m
Boom Length: 3.66 - 7.16m
Working Radius: 4.3m
Reference: MCG90



Capacity: 10.0t x 0.8m
Boom Length: 3.6 - 8.1m
Working Radius: 8.5m with jib
Reference: MCGF100

Galizia G120 Pick & Carry Crane


Capacity: 12.0t x 0.8m
Boom Length: 3.67 - 8.07m
Working Radius: 5.2m
Reference: MCG120

Galizia G150 Pick & Carry Crane


Capacity: 15.0t x 0.9m
Boom Length: 4.3 - 9.49m
Working Radius: 6.1m
Reference: MCG150

GF200 Pick & Carry Crane


Capacity: 20.0t x 0.8m
Boom Length: 4.23 - 9.43m
Working Radius: 6.1m
Reference: MCGF200

F200E Plus

Capacity: 20.0t x 0.8m
Boom Length: 4.23 - 9.43m
Working Radius: 6.1m
Reference: MCGFE200


Capacity: 25.0t x 1.5m
Boom Length: 4.9 - 11m
Working Radius: 7.5m
Reference: MCGF250

MCC500D Sunward Crawler Crane

Mini Crawler Crane MCC500D

Capacity: 5.0t x 2.1m
Max. Lifting Height: 16.5m
Max. Lifting Radius: 14.53m
Reference: MCC500D

Mini Crawler Crane MCC1004

Capacity: 10.0t x 2.5m
Max. Lifting Height: 21.5m
Max. Working Radius: 19m
Reference: SWTC10

Oscar 280 Robot

Oscar 280

Capacity: 280kg
Working Height: 2.9m
Width: 630mm
Reference: GRG35

Oscar 350 Offroad Glazing Robot

Oscar 350 Offroad

Capacity: 350kg
Working Height: 2.76m
Width: 771mm
Reference: GRG19

Oscar 600 Glazing Robot

Oscar 600

Capacity: 600kg
Working Height: 1.4m
Width: 780mm
Reference: GRG20

Oscar 600 Offroad Glazing Robot

Oscar 600 Offroad

Capacity: 600kg
Working Height : 3.4m
Width: 922mm
Reference: GRG25

Oscar 800 Offroad Glazing Robot

Oscar 800 Offroad

Capacity: 800kg
Working Height: 4.7m
Min Width: 1000mm
Reference: GRG28

Oscar 1000 Offroad Glazing Robot

Oscar 1000

Capacity: 1000kg
Working Height: 4.3m
Width: 960mm
Reference: GRG30

Oscar 1000 Plus

Capacity: 1000kg
Working Height: 4.3m
Width: 980mm
Reference: GRG30A

Oscar 1400 Glazing Robot

Oscar 1400

Capacity: 1400kg
Working Height: 4.9m
Width: 1303mm
Reference: GRG34


Geko 425

Capacity: 425kg
Weight: 754kg
Width: 832mm
Reference: GRG15

Cobra 550 Glazing Robot

Cobra 550

Capacity: 550kg
Working Height: 4.0m
Width: 1163mm
Reference: GRG16


TC1 Tracked Carrier

Capacity: 1200kg
Rotation: 360°
Reference: AGT190

Tracked Leveller

Capacity: 2500kg
Weight: 1800kg
Reference: TPS 2.5

Tracked Leveller 6.0

Capacity: 6000kg
Weight: 2550kg
Reference: TPS 6.0

Tracked Leveller 5.5 With Crane Attachment

Bed Capacity: 5500kg
Crane Capacity: 990kg
Reference: TPS 5.5 CRANE